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In our digital excursion planner, you will receive tips and suggestions for your activities. This way, you can ideally plan your individual trips in the Vienna Alps in Lower Austria.


Rax Alps

On the trail of the 'Rax King'

The journey takes us towards Höllental in the Falkenstein/Schwarzau im Gebirge Nature Park. A petting zoo and a wildlife enclosure with red deer and chamois invite you to linger here. In Naßwald, we visit the memorial site of the 'Rax King' Georg Hubmer, a log driving master, and builder of the then longest tunnel in Austria. Through the wild and romantic Höllental, we head to the valley station of the Rax cable car, built in 1926, in Hirschwang. Upon reaching the Rax high plateau, we hike towards Otto-Haus at approximately 1,600 meters above sea level through the 'Alpine Garden Rax,' where more than 200 strictly protected alpine plant species are nurtured and maintained. Upon returning to the valley, there is still interesting information to learn about numerous sights in Reichenau. To conclude, you will visit the Konditorei Alber, known for its award-winning pastries.

Duration: approximately 6 hours.


From the Origin of the 1st Viennese Alpine Spring Water Pipeline to the Elisabeth Church on the Schneeberg"

Through the wildly romantic Höllental, we follow the traces of the "Water Riders" to Kaiserbrunn and the Water Pipeline Museum. Afterward, we visit the Show Mine Grillenberg. We then travel through Prigglitz and Sieding to the Puchberg train station to climb the Schneeberg with the "Salamander." A delightful stop is worthwhile at the Baumgartner station to try the famous "Schneebergwuchteln." Upon reaching the mountain station, the full beauty of the surrounding mountain world unfolds in paradise. Right next to the station is the Elisabeth Church, which Emperor Franz Joseph I had built in 1901 in memory of his wife Elisabeth.

Duration approximately 6 hours.


Visit to the Basilica, Gingerbread Bakery, and Liqueur Manufactory

Mariazell has been one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in Central Europe for 860 years. Take a stroll through the Mariazell city center, passing by the world-famous Basilica, the main square with its devotional shops, and the former townhouses with various businesses. A guided tour of the Basilica's treasury provides exciting and interesting insights into the unique history of the pilgrimage site. There is more to discover in the city: a gingerbread bakery, the pharmacy, and the liqueur manufactory invite you to visit!

Duration approximately 6 hours.

White Zoo & Camel Theater, Animal Park

For over 20 years, the White Zoo & Camel Theater has been captivating visitors in Kernhof, Lower Austria. This privately operated zoo has become a popular attraction for people of all ages.

White Zoo: Explore a diverse range of animals, including our famous White Tigers (the only ones in Austria), camels, snowy owls, anteaters, and endangered species such as snow leopards. Alpacas are also among the fascinating creatures you can admire in our zoo.

Camel Theater: Witness a unique show at the Camel Theater where camels take center stage. Eight camels, supported by various mechanical show figures, light shows, three lifts, fireworks, and more, deliver a performance that is one-of-a-kind worldwide.

Bear Theater: Featuring bear animatronics with over 26,000 movement impulses and voiced by famous artists, the educational musical in the midst of the forest captivates especially our young park visitors.

For more information, visit the White Zoo website.

Myra Falls

From the powerful location of the Myrafälle falls to exquisite products made from fruits, to wood, coal, and iron

The itinerary you provided involves exploring the powerful Myrafälle falls in Muggendorf, enjoying the beautiful hiking trails, and experiencing the breathtaking water world, making it an ideal destination for hikers or families of all ages. You can also visit the Fruchtwelt Mohr-Sederl in Zweiersdorf, where you'll gain insights into the production of completely natural fruit juices and high-quality spirits. The variety of their products is sure to surprise you, and you can taste many of the house-made fruit products in the farm store, taking some home with you. Finally, the Waldbauernmuseum in Gutenstein is a highly interesting regional museum showcasing the economic and social history of the Schneeberg region.

Duration: Approximately 6 hours.

Excursion planner Vienna Alps

In our digital excursion planner, you will find more tips and suggestions for your activities. This way, you can ideally plan your individual trips in the Vienna Alps in Lower Austria.


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